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How a Returning OFW Can Reenter Society and Live Comfortably After Retiring For Good

Many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) come home after years of working abroad. It can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Reintegrating into Filipino society and living comfortably in retirement can seem daunting and overwhelming. We have created this comprehensive guide to help a returning OFW navigate this transition easily. In this article, we’ll explore reintegration challenges. Financial planning for retirement. Creating a support system and making lifestyle adjustments. By the end of this article, readers can expect to learn practical tips and strategies for successfully reintegrating into society. And living a comfortable retirement in the Philippines. As a returning OFW, this article is a must-read for anyone seeking guidance. And support in this exciting new chapter of their lives. So, let’s get started!


Understanding the Challenges of Reintegrating

Returning home is not always easy for OFWs who have been away from their native land. Commonly referred to as reverse culture shock. It brings about difficulties ranging from reconnecting with family and community members to losing identity. Research showed that 77% of OFWs suffer cultural shock when returning home. While 10-15% reported struggle with reverse culture shock.

A typical example can be seen in a Filipina migrant worker who had been away from the Philippines for 15 years. Despite expecting a warm welcome, she felt distant and confused by the changes to her old neighborhood. And couldn’t communicate effectively due to having forgotten her native language. To overcome such struggles, OFWs must actively engage in self-care. And build strong support networks within their communities. Mental health professionals are especially critical in providing pre-departure assessments of returning OFWs, assessing possible risks for reintegration, teaching relaxation techniques, and discussing various coping strategies for a smoother transition back into life at home.


Create a Financial Plan 

Creating a successful retirement plan requires financial planning. However, many need to be aware of the different types of retirement plans and how to create one. The most common type of plan for those with traditional salaried employment is the 401(k). The employee contributes money and receives their contributions plus an employer-matched amount. This allows for tax deductions initially, with no tax on withdrawals from the account after reaching a certain age.

On the other hand, self-employed individuals often opt for a SEP IRA. As funds deposited into it are pre-taxed, allowing hassle-free filing during tax season. When it comes to tips for saving money and budgeting, being mindful about big purchases and setting up regular reminders for bills can help tremendously. Regarding investments, some purchase stocks or mutual funds, which involve rewards such as capital gains and dividend payments. But also come with risks like market volatility, in real-life examples of successful retirement planning by OFWs. Many have successfully invested in their home countries. Where land value increases over time, resulting in substantial returns when they retire. With careful financial planning and sound knowledge of various investment types available, anyone can create an increasingly comfortable future income stream that will last until retirement.


Invest in Retirement Funds 

Investing in retirement funds is an important decision for returning OFW. Or anyone who wants to secure their future. Contributing a portion of your income can set you up for financial triumph later in life. Generally speaking, the sooner you start investing, the more money you can accumulate by retirement. It is recommended to allocate a significant part of your salary towards various retirement funds to maximize returns and minimize risk. Additionally, research and consult reliable sources due to complex regulations within different accounts. Ultimately, taking active steps such as investing in retirement funds will benefit you in the long run.


Look for Affordable Housing Options 

For returning OFW, finding the perfect affordable home of excellent quality can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, Keller Williams and Properties Gateway have come together to make the process easier. Thanks to their collaboration, returning OFWs can save time and energy by looking around in one convenient place! The search will take little time, too, as they offer an array of affordable houses and lot properties across the Philippines. They are reasonably priced and provide quality homes with accurate depictions online. So you know what you’re buying! Start your journey towards achieving your dream home today with Keller Williams and Properties Gateway.


Lifestyle Adjustments

Retirement is an exciting time for OFWs who have finally achieved their lifelong dream of a well-deserved break from hard work. To make the most of this phase, experts recommend mindful lifestyle adjustments. Focusing on healthy living, self-care, and mental wellness. This includes participating in physical activities like walking, running, or yoga to keep fit. Making conscious efforts to improve nutrition. And managing stress levels in constructive ways. Like deep breathing exercises and engaging in hobbies that bring joy and purpose.

OFWs can look to their peers as real-life examples of how successful retirement transition requires effort and dedication. Some OFWs return to their home country to start a business. Others opt for edutourism, balancing sightseeing with unique learning opportunities. Then some continue helping or volunteering at charitable organizations. With careful planning, adjusting to the ‘new normal’ during retirement is possible and enjoyable. So plan your future goals while being mindful of your health.


Develop a Support Network 

While our family and friends remain pillars of support, there are times when we may need assistance outside our circle. Building a solid support system is essential through reconnecting with the community! Joining trusted groups or organizations for online activities. It can strengthen existing relationships and create meaningful opportunities to form new ones. There’s no shortage of inspiring stories from OFWs who have successfully built meaningful connections. And supported one another. Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, making staying in touch more accessible than ever before! So please use those tools that allow us to reach out effectively. Hold conversations via video calls, send messages of appreciation or encouragement, and share photos. Anything you can think of that unites us over time and distance. By prioritizing our relationships, building a supportive web of love will not be far away.

Returning home after working abroad can be a challenging experience for OFW. In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide. To help returning OFWs navigate this transition quickly, including practical tips. And strategies for successfully reintegrating into society and living a comfortable retirement in the Philippines. We have explored reintegration challenges, financial planning for retirement, creating a support system, making lifestyle adjustments, and investing in retirement funds. With careful planning and dedication, returning OFWs can achieve their goals, build a comfortable life, and give back to their communities. The road ahead may be daunting, but anything is possible with a solid plan and a supportive network.


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